Terms of Injector Servicing

Terms of service for old series standard port injectors

Fuel injectors serviced and restored in our service facility are required to be installed back into their fuel environment within the shortest time as possible, none of our serviced injectors must be kept on the shelf for stock; they will be prone to jamming. We will not accept any responsibility for non functioning injectors fitted months after restoration.

No purchased restored injectors can be returned if they have been specially prepared and ordered, this is regardless of whether they have been installed into your fuel system or are no longer required due to the restorative procedure that has been mentioned in the first part of this notification.

We reserve the right to sell or keep any product sent to us for service that has not been paid for or no communication made with us. We shall assume this position after a period of two full calendar months. This is to recover the service and time costs.


Additional service warranty for old series injectors

No restored injector will work as a new injector, each injector that is restored here will be at its best based on the condition that it arrives here for service in.

All injectors are received in various states and conditions, so some maybe closer to being in an 'ok' condition, some in the same batch fitted to the same engine might only need a very small amount of contamination to prevent them from operating correctly, where others still to operate properly.

Because of the fact that they are not new injectors and are over 40 years old, we limit the claims for any failed injectors soon after restore to the cost of the injector service only and no other associated costs i.e. diagnostics, removal and fitting of the injector. This doesn’t mean we won’t help you, we will, but they must not be contaminated with any bad fuel, water, rust, fuel tank sealant or additives or be kept on the shelf as stock for long periods of time. When the injectors leave our facility they are clean inside and out and working, there is usually a reason why they have stopped and it’s not always apparent. 

These injectors do not sit on a shelf outside the fuel environment for long periods of time. If kept for stock only on the shelf they can partially seize, even when we flush them clean, fill them with a lubricating oil and seal them in packs they can stick or jam because of the material they are made of internally, they are susceptible to moisture internally caused by temperature change. This is an unfortunate characteristic of the very early Bosch EV1 injectors, all pre 0280150201 and before numbers can suffer the same complaint for little reason.

With ever increasing levels of ethanol present in today’s fuels this will become a bigger problem for owners of classic cars. Ethanol is a huge water attractor, even a half full fuel tank of fuel can cause moisture to form on the wall of the internal tank when you get large fluctuations in temperature. Together with the ethanol absorbing moisture from the atmosphere, this is enough to prevent the early injectors from working; micro corrosion on the surface of the pintle needle and seat will prevent it moving and put it in a state of jammed operation. Petroleum companies are suggesting that the fuel in the tanks should be used or changed no longer than 4 weeks to prevent this happening, however we understand that this is not always going to be possible so the problem will unfortunately persist.


Postal Charges

Considerable time goes into dispatching your items. You have a responsibility to give us the correct address for delivery. If you have ordered a hose kit, injectors or have chosen Royal Mail's 'Special Delivery' service then someone will need to be at the address to receive the item. Calling cards will be left if nobody is there and you will need to contact your local Post Office either to rearrange delivery or for collection at your local Postal Sorting Office. If you fail to respond and collect the undelivered item and it is returned to us uncollected, the postal cost will not be refunded.