Collection: Cold Start Injectors

These are genuine Bosch units that have been through our restorative service in our engineering centre at Mr Injector UK, serviced to perfection and ready to install into the vehicle.

Mr Injector UK has been working in petrol injector diagnostics and restoration for the past 30 years. We are one of the oldest Asnu test facilities.

The Method:

Your injectors are pre-cleaned, inductance load tested and run on a test rig as they would operate on your engine to check for any anomalies, we record this pre-service information on your report sheet.

All parts are removed then we ultrasonically clean and backflush before returning to the ASNU test bench for dynamic analysis, which includes spray pattern checks, leak off and dynamic balance checks.

If they are metal-bodied EV1/Weber/Lucas type injectors, they would also be stripped of paint and rust, etched and hot bake painted in heat resistant paint. 

After the service, new parts are installed where applicable and the report is sent across to you with the findings.

The result is a beautifully cleaned and balanced set of injectors with restored flows and brand-new parts, ready to reinstall straight back into the vehicle.