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Alfa JTS Compatible 0261500013 Injector Seal Kit - Kit 99

Alfa JTS Compatible 0261500013 Injector Seal Kit - Kit 99

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Full seal kit for Bosch 0261500013 high pressure injectors including the spacers and bushes for the injectors and the extension tubes.


Kit 99 contains:

8 x High pressure seals

8 x Spacers

4 x Bushes


Please note: A tool is required to install the bushes onto the pintle shaft, your local Alfa or VAG dealer will have this tool or a local Asnu agent.

Do not replace the injector without the new lower nylon/Teflon bush because gasses will escape, they must be replaced each time the injectors are removed. You can also send in your injectors for a service and this bush would be replaced by us.

This is a service kit, the injector and adapter are not included in the sale, they are there to help your identification.

All parts equal to or exceed manufacturer's specs. All parts manufactured for Mr Injector UK.

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