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BMW 10181010 13537565137 13537589048 Siemens Piezo Injector Flow Test & Clean

BMW 10181010 13537565137 13537589048 Siemens Piezo Injector Flow Test & Clean

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This is a full diagnostics test and clean of your set of Siemens Piezo injectors:

BMW 10181010 13537565137  13537589048

This includes resistance testing, leak testing, spray analysis (see video), internal/external cleaning, and rebushing with new Teflon bushes after the service. You would then be sent a report detailing the before and after findings.

Unfortunately, there is no repairing these injectors, they either pass the testing or they don't. 

Due to the nature of this injector, we do not warrant any period of time after the service for any failure. The results on the report are at the time of test only and give no future serviceability of these injectors. They are extremely temperamental and highly delicate items.



1) Do not test these yourself by trying to connect voltage across the terminal to see if they work, they operate at dangerous levels of high pressure and require 170 volt firing line to open and close them.

2) These injectors are coded, when removing them for service please make sure you number each one with the relative cylinder number so they can be replaced in the correct cylinder, unless you have the facilities to re-code them in.

3) These injectors are very prone to damage, extreme care is required to remove and package them ready to send to us. Undue shock & vibration can destroy these injectors, it damages the crystals so pack them well in a double roll of bubble wrap. For obvious reasons, DO NOT pin punch cylinder mark these injectors. Use the 6 digit programming code for your identification that is already on the injector. Please DO NOT just put them into a jiffy bag/box, if they were WORKING when you removed them make sure they arrive with us in the same condition.



Siemens Piezo BMW injector service information:

We have no facility to accept vehicles, we do not remove or install injectors.

We are an injector testing facility; all injectors arrive by hand or courier.

No injectors are included in the sale, this is a service to your Piezo injectors.

The test price is £35.00 per injector.


Piezo Disclaimer

Please read the following disclaimer regarding these Siemens Piezo injectors:

We are sorry but we will not enter into a conversation regarding your vehicle history or running problems with regard to these Siemens injectors. This is due to the huge volume of calls that arrive everyday asking advice.

You must have your own diagnosis carried out as there are too many variables, we are not with your car to run the tests and we won’t speculate.

Virtually all of these injectors degrade at the pintle seat, mainly due to bad fuel quality.

It is advised they run on Shell Vmax or similar all the time, even this only prolongs the life and does not guarantee they won't fail over time.

It’s now clear that less than 50% of these injectors respond to service; any signs of leaking will cause rough start up in the mornings and generally an over fuelling situation.

The Piezo crystals can reduce due to vibration and bad handling, when this occurs the programs charge figure will not represent the remaining working crystal size and therefore over-fuel.

If you have read this disclaimer and would like to book a test for your injectors, please call 07950 281293.

Please do not add injector services to the cart, contact us for a quote instead 07950 281293.

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