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BMW Motorcycle Fuel Injector Service

BMW Motorcycle Fuel Injector Service

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Mr Injector UK has been working in petrol injector diagnostics and restoration for over 30 years. We are one of the oldest Asnu test facilities.

We have full high-pressure petrol testing facilities to complement our long-standing machines for petrol standard port injectors.


Our machines have the capacity to test all manufactured injectors from various manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Magneti Marelli.

We can inductance test over 8000 pulses, run static and dynamic flow checks and perform atomisation analysis to check droplet and directional spray patterns.

Injectors are very expensive; this service will allow you to properly diagnose which injectors are the problem injectors. We shall be able to see if they are serviceable, thus saving you having to purchase new ones. If we can't service all your injectors, you only pay for the ones that are serviceable.

Please note: any kits installed on your serviced injectors will be a separate cost in addition to the service cost.

Please do not add injector services to the cart, contact us for a quote instead 07950 281293.

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