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Bosch 0280150022 Compatible Full Overhaul Kit - Kit 118

Bosch 0280150022 Compatible Full Overhaul Kit - Kit 118

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This kit contains all the parts required to overhaul your Bosch 0280150022 fuel injectors fitted to your early Mercedes 107 series and more models.


Kit 118 contains:

8 x Hose pieces cut to length

8 x Mid-body clamping rubbers

8 x Filter baskets

8 x Head seals

8 x Pintle caps

16 x Hose clips

Also included in all our hose kit orders are our instruction sheets with tips to help you complete the task.



Aramid is the only hose to use now with ever increasing levels of ethanol in today's fuels. It's not cheap but it's the best on the market for injector hose and feed/return pipe replacement. Also remember to change your feed/return lines whilst doing your injectors; failure to change the old polyester type hoses could compromise your vehicle resulting in leaks and unfortunately engine fires. 

All parts equal to or exceed what was originally installed on your injectors at manufacture in material and function. All parts tried, tested and manufactured for Mr Injector UK.

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