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Bosch EV1 0280150023 Seized Injector Service

Bosch EV1 0280150023 Seized Injector Service

Ordinarie pris £85.00 GBP
Ordinarie pris Försäljningspris £85.00 GBP
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This is a service to your seized Bosch EV1 injector.


You send in your seized injectors and we do our best to restore them.

If yours have had water in them or have not been running for years and are now seized, this is the service you need.

This service is for Bosch EV1 series injectors only.

We completely open these injectors up in our engineering facility, removing internal components for overhaul and rebuild.

When sending in injectors for this service, please leave all existing parts on them.

The price is £85 per injector. We cannot tell how badly they are seized until we start the service.


We know that almost all of the older style injectors are impossible to source as they are no longer manufactured, so this is a great option to get your old injectors working again.


The older style injectors that we service must be installed back into the engine as soon as possible after being serviced. You cannot leave them on the shelf to use/sell on at a later date because they are prone to jamming/sticking due to temperature changes and humidity. Any moisture internally will cause rusting and seizing.

Once installed back into your vehicle, it is recommended that you run the engine at least once a month and never leave it over the winter, expecting the injectors to work again after several months of non-starting.

The ethanol in fuels today is a huge water attractor, water will be present in the bottom of your tank and when you start the engine this will be drawn into the injectors; if left they will surely rust up solid.

If you are going to lay your vehicle up, use a brand of fuel stabilisation to stop fuel phase separation.

We will only agree to service your historic injectors after you have read, understood and agreed to our terms, which can be found here: Historic Injector Service Disclaimer.

Please do not add injector services to the cart, contact us for a quote instead 07950 281293.

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