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Bosch Fuel Injector Overhaul Service - Hose To Rail

Bosch Fuel Injector Overhaul Service - Hose To Rail

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Mr Injector UK has been working in petrol injector diagnostics and restoration for the past 30 years. We are one of the oldest Asnu facilities. We are also one of very few facilities to restore injectors from the 1960s onwards, keeping your classic vehicle on the road. 

All older style Bosch injectors with hose to fuel rail fixing can be restored using our service program and exacting replacement parts - hoses, filters, pintle caps, ferrules, inlet seals, and mid-body injector clamping rubbers.

This service will completely strip your injectors of all service parts including the paint and rust. They will be leak tested as a set, inductance tested and pre flow tested to check for current flow rates and spray analysis. They are then ultrasonically bathed whilst pulsing on the machine to help clear the old fuel residue and debris. After a backflush, they are re-tested to check the new flow rates and spray patterns. They are also etched and hot bake painted in heat resistant paint, and once this has cured, new parts are installed. This process leaves the injectors beautifully balanced as a set with restored flow rates, ready to reinstall straight into your classic.

For an example of a previous job, please see the first and second product photos for the before and after service of these injectors we received - if this does not look like a particularly good set in the picture just have a look at the condition they arrived in. We were able to completely salvage them, and the flow and spray patterns were all excellent when returned to the customer, with full praise after fitting.



Please call 07950 281293 or email for a service quote. Services available within the UK mainland only.

We will only agree to service your historic injectors after you have read, understood and agreed to our terms, which can be found here: Historic Injector Service Disclaimer.

Please do not add injector services to the cart, contact us for a quote instead 07950 281293.

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