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Jaguar V12 Compatible HE Bosch 0280150161 Fuel Injector Full Overhaul Kit + 2mtrs Hose - Kit 131

Jaguar V12 Compatible HE Bosch 0280150161 Fuel Injector Full Overhaul Kit + 2mtrs Hose - Kit 131

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This is our complete overhaul service kit for your Bosch 0280150161, 0280150162, 0280150163, 0280150164 or Lucas equivalent fuel injectors fitted to your Jaguar V12 HE. These are hose to rail injectors identified by ferrules fitted to the injectors and rail by 10 short hoses and 2 longer hoses at the front.

This kit contains everything required to refurbish your injectors plus two extra metres of Aramid high pressure ethanol-resistant fuel hose to enable you to change your feed and return pipe work at home.

Also included are 10 high pressure hose clips for your use with the 2 metres of hose; we would use deep crimping ferrules if we serviced your feed and return pipe work but understand you would not have the facility to crimp these on, so we have included the clips as an alternative.

It's essential that you change your old polyester reinforced fuel hoses now, with rising levels of ethanol in today's fuels. Leaks and engine fires unfortunately occur from cracked or rock-hard hoses, if yours are then they must be changed. Our Aramid hose is 100% ethanol proof, used in aerospace and aviation, perfect for this task.

There is nothing similar to this kit on the market from elsewhere, a true preservative of your classic Jaguar.

If your injectors require a service, please visit this page, which explains the process of sending them in on the fuel rail, us servicing them and fitting the kit onto them for you: Jaguar V12 HE Full Injector Service & Rebuild Onto Rail (mrinjectoruk.co.uk)



The kit contains the following parts PLUS our instruction sheets to help you complete the task:


 10 x Short sections of Aramid high pressure hose

  2 x Longer (front injectors) sections of Aramid hose

 24 x Hose ferrules

 12 x Pintle caps

 12 x Inlet manifold seals

 12 x Filter baskets

 12 x Mid-body clamping rubbers

 10 x Hose clips

 2 metres of Aramid high pressure ethanol-resistant injection hose



As you are probably aware, you must change your old polyester reinforced hose for the Aramid type due to the ethanol content in forecourt fuels. If you don't replace this, your classic vehicle could be compromised due to hard or cracked hoses, which can unfortunately lead to leaks or engine fires.

Our Aramid hose is used in the aerospace and aviation industry, it's 100% ethanol proof

When changing your injector hoses, please also remember to change your fuel lines to prevent issues arising from cracked/hard hoses being exposed to today's fuels.

All parts equal to or exceed the specifications of the original parts installed on your injectors in function and material. All parts tried, tested and manufactured for Mr Injector UK.

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