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Fuel Injector Filters 6mm x 10mm All-Metal

Fuel Injector Filters 6mm x 10mm All-Metal

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Mr Injector UK fuel injector filters 195203/10M All-Metal

These are our new filters specially made to replace the direct high pressure Bosch injector filters fitted to the FSi, TSi, Audi, VW, Alfa and Ford 0261500 series injectors, also have applications with Denso, Sagem, Siemens and KTM Keihin. Suitable for most standard port, high pressure and race injectors requiring 6mm x 3mm x 10mm filters.

The original fitted filters seem to dissolve, including the plastic cage, causing serious injector blockage, we think due to fuel additives and the extremely high pressure. Unfortunately, if left the particles of the previously installed filters are then pushed down inside the injector pintle causing issues with flow or even blocking flow completely.

Fortunately, if changed early enough you can stop this happening by replacing them with our all-metal, free-flowing filters.

These are great to use with Ethanol and Methanol fuel types as they have no reaction to alcohol.

These are priced per filter.

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