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Jaguar V12 HE Fuel Injector Set Bosch 0280150161

Jaguar V12 HE Fuel Injector Set Bosch 0280150161

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Ordinarie pris £1,020.00 GBP
Ordinarie pris Försäljningspris £1,020.00 GBP
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These are genuine Bosch injectors, remanufactured in our engineering facility.
For Jaguar V12 HE series, make sure you check the number on your injectors.

Bosch 0280150161, 0280150162, 0280150163, 0280150164
Lucas 73303A or 73304A

These injectors have been fully restored to perfect function in our service engineering centre. We have full test bench facilities. We only deal with PETROL injectors. We are ASNU high performance injector distributors.
We have been restoring and servicing petrol injectors for over 30+ years.


This listing price is for a set of 12 balanced & perfect performing injectors complete with:
mid-body mounting rubbers
inlet manifold seals
fuel rail top ferrules
correct Aramid ethanol-proof hose


Please check the numbers on your injectors, they must have the following on them:

Bosch 0280150161



We do not sell cheap Chinese copy injectors,
these are the genuine item.

The older style Bosch EV1 series injectors do not store on a shelf for long periods of time after service

They must be installed back into the fuel environment as soon as possible. We will not accept any responsibility for injectors that jam or stick installed months after they have been serviced so please organise the service time close to the time of reinstalling.

Our Injector Remanufacturing Process

The injectors are component stripped, descaled, rust & paint removed, pre work flow tested to check for spray pattern, balance and leak tests and running inductance load testing.
They are then placed in an ultrasonic cleaning bath. This unique process causes the fluid to back flush as it cleans and with the filters removed allows the gums & resins to flow freely out from the top of the injector. Once we are satisfied that the fluid flow from the injector is clear of any contaminants, we physically run the injector backwards to make sure there is nothing inside after the clean.
The injectors are then returned to the Asnu test bench for visual assessment, for spray pattern flow balance and a 16,000 pulse inductance load run. Only then if they pass the test they are suitable to be sold as remanufactured injectors.

Finally the metal bodies are etched with acid and left for 24 hours to cure. Then coated with a durable baked VHT coating. All new components are fitted, seals, pintle caps, filters etc. They are then filled with liquid paraffin. 

The result is a perfect working Mr Injector UK injector at the fraction of the price of a new one. Also many are no longer manufactured or available.

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