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Jaguar V12 HE Full Injector Service & Rebuild Onto Rail

Jaguar V12 HE Full Injector Service & Rebuild Onto Rail

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This is our top of the range concourse finish service to your Jaguar V12 injectors.

This service involves thorough testing, balance checking and spray analysis of your 12 injectors, ultrasonic cleaning internally whilst pulsing the injectors to remove old fuel residue and debris, stripping of paint/rust from their bodies, re-hot bake painting, installation of all new parts including our Aramid ethanol-resistant hose (essential today) and reinstallation onto rail. If you send the feed and return pipe at the same time this will also be included in the price. 

We estimate 14 days for this process to allow the correct steps to be taken in the correct amount of time. Considerable time goes into producing these quality fuel rails complete with perfectly matched and performing injectors, this isn't an afternoon's work, hence the timeframe stated.


You will need to send or deliver your injector rail to us complete with no parts missing.

Please include the feed and return pipes as we will be able to replace these.

Warning regarding previously used high pressure fuel hose for restoring hose on rail injectors:

Bio 100 standard hose is a must for replacement for these old injectors because of the levels of ethanol used in fuel in the UK and Europe today.

Previously, when these injectors were manufactured, it was not a problem, the old reinforcing webbing was made from polyester. Now Bio 100 Standard is made from Aramid, futureproofing your classic.

To continue using ethanol in old polyester fuel hose could be dangerous and unfortunately compromise your system at some point.



The older style Bosch EV1 series injectors do not store on a shelf for long periods of time after service, they must be installed back into the fuel environment as soon as possible. We will not accept any responsibility for injectors that jam or stick installed months after they have been serviced, so please organise the service time close to the time of reinstalling.

Services available within the UK mainland only.

We will only agree to service your historic injectors after you have read, understood and agreed to our terms, which can be found here: Historic Injector Service Disclaimer.

Please do not add injector services to the cart, contact us for a quote instead 07950 281293.

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