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Lucas 73143A Injectors Jaguar V12

Lucas 73143A Injectors Jaguar V12

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These are restored injectors Lucas 73143A fitted to early Jaguar V12 and some Mercedes.

These have been carefully restored with exacting detail on the replacement, parts which are supplied with this injector.

They are stripped of all paint and descaled, filters removed, pintle caps removed, mounting bushes and rubbers removed, they are then flow tested and inductance tested to make sure they will go through our service program. Once through this stage they are then serviced and re-flow tested to make sure they work exactly as per the manufacturer's specification. New filters installed, new pintle caps, new mid-body clamping rubbers, new clamps, inlet manifold seals, proper Aramid reinforced hose and clips (THIS IS A MUST BECAUSE OF THE LEVELS OF ETHANOL IN FUEL TODAY ARAMID MUST BE USED AND NOT POLYESTER REINFORCED HOSE). They are then acid etched and have a final coat of VHT paint.


The older style Bosch EV1 series injectors do not store on a shelf for long periods of time after service.

They must be installed back into the fuel environment as soon as possible. We will not accept any responsibility for injectors that jam or stick installed months after they have been serviced so please organise the service time close to the time of reinstalling.

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