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Lucas 73143B Injectors Jaguar V12

Lucas 73143B Injectors Jaguar V12

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Brand new Lucas Injectors made by Bosch.

Made in the period of release and availability and perfectly stored.

These are genuine Lucas/Bosch injectors, not copies, nor have they been restored or serviced.

They will have the old hose of the period removed as they were originally made reinforced with polyester and of course not suitable for today's ethanol fuels.

We shall replace the hose with our 100% ethanol proof hose, made of Aramid.


No fuel has passed through these injectors.


These are priced as the same price as our no exchange restored injectors and cheaper than most out there being sold as serviced units throughout Europe.


LUCAS 73143B


This injector does fit other vehicles other than Mercedes and the circular clamping ring in the picture is only supplied for fitment to Jaguar and not Mercedes.

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