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Volvo P1800 Compatible Bosch 0280150036 Fuel Injector Overhaul Kit - Kit 141

Volvo P1800 Compatible Bosch 0280150036 Fuel Injector Overhaul Kit - Kit 141

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This overhaul kit was designed for Volvo P1800 fitted with Bosch 0280150036 injectors.

It contains everything required to overhaul your 4 injectors at home, no special tools are required.


Seal Kit 141 contains:

4 x Aramid hose cut to length

4 x Mid-body clamping rubbers 

4 x Filter baskets 

4 x Pintle caps

4 x Hose ferrules

4 x Inlet manifold seals

4 x Matched hose clamps

Also included are our instruction sheets, helping you to complete the task.



The injector in the picture is there to help you identify the kit and is not included in the sale.

These are exacting items, the hose and clip combination have been perfectly matched to the original injector parts. The hose is ethanol resistant 100% and is used by the aerospace and aviation industry.

Use this kit to replace your old polyester reinforced rubber fuel feed pipe because, over time, if you do not, it could unfortunately leak or cause engine fires.

This hose is expensive, but it's the correct hose to use now. Using any other type of high-pressure hose could compromise your classic vehicle at some stage.

Aramid is the only hose to use now; new levels of ethanol present in fuels in the UK will slowly eat your old type polyester reinforced hose with disastrous consequences.

There is at present some 10% ethanol in UK fuels, set to rise each year, and 25% present in some European countries & rest of the world.

You cannot afford not to change the fuel line hoses on your injectors. 

All parts are tried, tested and manufactured for Mr Injector UK. All parts equal to or exceed specifications of what was originally installed on your injectors in material and function.

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