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VW VR6 2.8 Injector AAA Bosch 0280150953

VW VR6 2.8 Injector AAA Bosch 0280150953

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Ordinarie pris £35.00 GBP
Ordinarie pris Försäljningspris £35.00 GBP
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Bosch 0280150953 injector complete with new rail clip.

VW Golf /Passat/Sharon/Corrado

Seat Alhambra

2.8 L VR6 AAA engine

from 1991 to 2000


VW number stamped on the side of the injector 021906031A

Bosch part No 0280 150 953


Priced per injector.


Identify yours by part number stamped on side of the body.

Never buy second hand injectors and fit them to your car as they may be in worse condition than the ones you are taking out! Mr Injector UK's injectors are guaranteed to be as good as new. Ours are reconditioned; flow tested and serviced using our Asnu test centre, refitted with new seals, pintle caps and filters then reflow tested before despatch.


They may well have discolouration or marks on which has no relation to their performance, these will perform exactly how they should do.

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