Kollektion: Fuel Injector Overhaul Kits

Mr Injector UK has worked in injector diagnostics and restoration for over 30 years. We are one of the oldest Asnu test facilities. We have 200+ catalogued overhaul and seal kits to suit standard port, direct high pressure (GDI), side feed and Bosch / Siemens Piezo injectors.

We have also designed overhaul kits for your historic hose to rail injectors, which include replacement ethanol-resistant hose lengths. The only hose we use for servicing and overhaul kits is our Aramid reinforced fuel hose.

Replacing the hoses on your classic vehicle is essential now, considering the ethanol content in forecourt fuels today. Our hose is used in the aerospace and aviation industry, it is 100% ethanol proof. These kits will help to futureproof your classic.

These kits can be used to replace the seals and parts on your injectors when you know that they are working as they should be. These parts won't fix running issues.

If you're experiencing misfiring, leaking, poor acceleration or other issues, you would be best booking in a service with us - 07950 281293.


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