Before & After Transformations

Most jobs arrive to us dirty, under-performing and not within the drift allowance set by the manufacturer. Some might be leaking or completely seized open / closed, or have an over- or under- fuelling issue.

Their flow rates and atomization patterns are checked before and after the service and recorded for your reference. The injectors are cleaned from within then back-flushed to remove all old fuel residue and particle build up, cleaned externally and have new parts installed to complete their makeover.

Hose to rail injectors have our Aramid ethanol-resistant hose installed onto them, making them able to cope with today's higher ethanol content in fuels.

Injectors with metal bodies are fully stripped, acid-etched and hot bake painted in heat resistant paint, making them not just look better but also futureproofed for more life in extreme temperatures and humidity.

Once the leave us, they're balanced as a set, any under- or over-fuelling has been corrected, any spray pattern issues have been solved and their flow rates have increased (or decreased) as required to make an efficient, well-balanced set that is ready to reinstall straight back into the engine.


Do you recognise any of these?