About Us

Mr Injector UK

- Dedicated 40 years’ experience in the automotive industry

- 30 years specialising in petrol injector diagnostics 

- One of the oldest established Asnu testing & service facilities

- Standard port, high pressure, side feed, K Jetronic, Air-assisted, cold start, Piezo, hose to rail and seized injector servicing

- Your injectors flow tested and serviced to perfection

- Race engine fuel injector balance & calibration testing

- Historic restorations available on injectors from the 1960s onwards

- Rail rebuilds

- Reconditioned injectors available

- New injector sales

- Petrol injector overhaul and seal kits available - seals, pintle caps & filters in stock

- ASNU Road Race & Track high performance injectors

- Custom kits available on request


Steve has now retired but is still available for advice and enquiries.

James runs the injector testing and servicing side of the business.

Sian supplies the injector rebuild kits under Master Injector UK.