Frequently Asked Questions - Overhaul Kits

Q- I'm not in the UK, will you send purchased injectors to me?

A- We no longer send injectors internationally. We send our overhaul kits worldwide, however.


Q- Do I need any special tools to remove the old filters and pintle caps on my injectors and install the new ones?

A- No special tools are required to remove/install these parts; we do mention a couple of general tools in our instruction sheets (provided with hose kit orders), but these are part of most people's toolboxes.


Q- Do I need any special tools to install the Teflon bushes onto the injector?

A- Yes, a bush installation tool will be required to swage the bushes onto the pintle shaft. We can do this for you, or your local Asnu service facility.


Q- Do I have to change my Teflon bushes before I reinstall my high pressure / Piezo injectors back into the engine?

A- Yes! Every time you remove injectors that have bushes on the pintle shaft, you must replace these bushes before reinstalling. The bushes are there to stop gases from escaping up the injector body, causing damage to the injector. They only work once because they expand when the engine gets hot, creating this seal. Once this is broken, you'll need new bushes to create a new seal.


Q- How do I remove my old ferrules?

A- Please follow the instructions we provide with hose kit orders for our advice on the removal and installation of ferrules to minimise damage to your inlet ports.


Q- Do you recommend using lubricants to help install the seals?

A- The only lubricant we recommend is a tiny smear of clean engine oil, nothing else, and nothing that contains silicone. Grease/silicone would be scraped up into the fuel rail on insertion, this would then react with the fuel and turn to jelly, blocking the injector pintle area.