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500cc Asnu High Performance Injector

500cc Asnu High Performance Injector

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The new Asnu High Performance Injector is now available from Mr Injector UK.

You will fit no other injector once you find out the facts about the  SELECT 'N' INJECTOR  program.

This particular injector flows at 500cc per min @ 3 bar

High resistance delivering unrivalled fuel atomisation delivery.

High delivery injectors always give problems with low rev mapping, but these are long stroke injectors and give excellent control right through their operating range.


Mr Injector UK stocks all the flow rate injectors available, these are made to your own specific requirements, ranging from 300cc up to 1000cc with spray patterns of 10, 20 & 30 degree.

Correct combustion is not about how much fuel you can put into the engine, it's about how efficiently you get the fuel to burn that will determine the performance of the engine.


ASNU high performance injectors have been years in the development, listening to your requirements of race engine tuners together with our extensive knowledge of injector functionality. These injectors will fulfil all the requirements of getting just the right amount and perfect atomised charge into your engine.


As a main ASNU agent for the last 20 years I have seen many high end high flow injectors from SARD ROCHESTER DENSO and many more.  I have compared spray atomisations to the new ASNU injectors and none of the other manufacturers come close to breaking those fuel droplets down to a perfect combustible mixture.


Full range of adapters to enable you to use as a direct replacement for Bosch EV1 and Nippon type top feed injectors.



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