Collection: Historic Injector Restoration

Mr Injector UK has been working in petrol injector diagnostics and restoration for the past 30 years. We are one of the oldest Asnu test facilities. We are also one of very few injector specialists who are able to restore your historic injectors from the 1960s onwards.

We offer hose to rail injector servicing, fuel rail rebuilds and seized injector restoration services. We also stock new and restored historic injectors, cold start injectors and Master Injector UK overhaul rebuild kits for those wishing to refurbish their injectors at home.

The overhaul kits can be used to replace the seals and parts on your injectors when you know that they are working as they should be. These parts won't fix running issues.

If you're experiencing misfiring, leaking, poor acceleration or other issues, you would be best booking in a service with us.

All services show as 'sold out' to avoid them being booked through the website - please call us instead on 07950 281293. All services available to UK residents.



We will only agree to service your historic injectors after you have read, understood and agreed to our terms, which can be found here: Historic Injector Service Disclaimer.

We now offer all historic kits and parts to residents of Canada without duty fees.