Kokoelma: 7.3mm ID High Pressure Fuel Injector Hose

Our Aramid reinforced fuel hose is used in the aerospace and aviation industry, it is used for all historic hose to rail servicing jobs and in all Master Injector UK overhaul kits. It conforms to DIN 73379-3E. 

With UK fuel levels of ethanol already at 10%, now is the time to replace not just the injector hoses but also the other older polyester reinforced hose around the engine that is still on your car; check and replace all the hoses from the tank to the feed and the return. Failing to do this will, at some point, compromise your fuel system with leaks or even unfortunately fires.

The 7.3mm ID is used to make all Master Injector UK overhaul kits, we also stock 9.3mm ID and 11.5mm ID to allow you to change all the hoses around the engine including the feed and return lines as these must not be forgotten when changing your injector hoses.